Sensocard Plus Talking Blood Sugar Level Meter

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The Sensocard Plus is a talking, slim-lined blood glucose meter which enables individuals with vision impairment to easily monitor blood sugar levels.

The SensoCard Plus is a biosensor type blood glucose meter with excellent accuracy and lots of additional features. Blood glucose (blood sugar) concentration can be determined from a drop of blood applied on SensoCard Plus test strip. As a high quality product, the SensoCard Plus complies with all the latest relevant standards.

Thanks to the applied biosensor technology the device needs a very small amount of blood for calculating final test result in a very short time and the results are very stable and accurate. Results can be displayed either in mg/dL or mmol/L. Besides the normal whole blood calibration, upon request meters are available with plasma equivalent calibration, as well.

The SensoCard Plus has the capability of storing the last 500 test results with date and time and it is also able to calculate the average of test results from the last 7-14-28 day’s period. Furthermore, using the LiteLink device all results can be downloaded to PC through the IR interface of the meter.

The SensoCard Plus blood glucose meter was specially developed for visually impaired people. It has the great ability of telling basic operation instructions and test results in human voice. This feature is a great help for those people who may have problems with reading displayed characters from the screen. By using talking function of the device, possibility of misreading caused by poor sight can be reduced significantly.

All the important instructions and values that are displayed on the screen are also told in human voice. Clear and simple sentences of the device make SensoCard Plus a very easy to use blood glucose meter even for visually impaired people.

The instrument is available in several languages, by request, for example English, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French, and many others.


  • Average test time: 5 sec
  • Min. sample volume: 0.5 µL
  • Virtually pain-free
  • Whole Blood Calibration
  • Memory capacity: last 500 test data
  • Long life, lithium battery
  • Data downloading capability to PC
  • Optional talking function (SensoCard Plus Model only)


Independent product evaluation by Vision Australia

Vision Australia have conducted a product evaluation on the Sensocard Plus; you can download the complete report on the downloads tab. Here are the key points in their report:


  • Very reasonably priced. Much cheaper than any other talking glucose meter available on market.
  • Very compact and portable
  • Test strips are available under NDSS (National Diabetes Subsidy Scheme)
  • Comes with its own carry case, lancet, and set of test strips.
  • Large print LCD display.
  • Easy to access other features such as memory, calibration, setting time and date.
  • Automatically switches on with test strip insertion.
  • Automatic switch off to save battery life wastage.
  • Voice prompts to step you through the measuring process.
  • Blood can be applied to strips in a tactual fashion.
  • Not a large amount of blood required to perform a test.
  • Test result announced in less than 5 seconds which is very prompt.
  • Approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • Good memory capacity that is accessible: 500 measurements
  • Audible indication given when the unit manually (via strip removal) or automatically switches off.
  • Instructions available in alternative formats: audio.
  • Gives audible low battery warning.


Vision Australia's Conclusions:

This product enables people who are blind or have low vision to independently test their own blood glucose levels – a frequent requirement for effective diabetes management.

Training Videos

The following training videos are available for viewing on YouTube

Checking your SensoCard Plus

If you would like to check the performance (precision and accuracy) of your SensoCard Plus talking glucose monitor POCD have Quality Control solution available for purchase. Please call us on 1800 640 075 to discuss your needs.

Technical Specifications

Technology: Advanced biosensor
Sample volume: 0.5 µL
Test time: Average 5 seconds
Measurement range: 20 – 600 mg/dL (1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L)
Display alarms: Low: below 20 mg/dL (1.1 mmol/L)
High: over 600 mg/dL (33.3 mmol/L)
Temperature range: 10 – 40 °C
Relative humidity: < 90 %
Coding system: Internal, entering by code-card or manually
Talking function: Yes
Memory capacity: Last 500 test data with time and date
Auto switch on: By inserting strip
Auto switch off: In 2 minutes
Average calculation: 7-14-28 days
Size: 45 × 90 × 15 mm
Weight: 96 g (incl. batteries)
Batteries: Lithium, 2 × CR2032
Battery capacity: 1 year / 1000 meas.

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