Unistik® 3

Unistik® 3

  • $38.85

Virtually pain free blood sampling. Unistik® 3 has been developed to provide the most comfortable blood sampling experience for the patient, whilst giving the healthcare professional complete control and confidence during the procedure.

Unistik® 3 lancets are a single use, disposable lancet. They feature comfort zone technology for enhanced pain reduction and a visual lockout mechanism to minimise the risk of reloading.

The new Neonate model is perfect for heelstick tests on neonates and for use in ITU/ICU, CCU and laboratories.

Gauge and Depth

  • Neonate: 18 Gauge, 1.8 mm depth
  • Comfort: 28 Gauge, 1.8 mm depth
  • Normal: 23 Gauge, 1.8 mm depth
  • Extra: 21 Gauge, 2.00 mm depth


Suited for use in high blood flow glucose testing, cholesterol, HGB, PT/INR, HbA1c and other like tests.

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