HemoScreen 5 part Diff Haematology Analyser

The HemoScreen is a miniature portable haematology analyser that uses disposable cartridges. Each cartridge includes all necessary reagents and is designed to accept a single drop of blood. Once the cartridge is inserted into the reader, the sample is automatically processed and analysed.


The HemoScreen from PixCell Medical is a new evolution in PoC FBC testing. It combines cartridge based testing for simplicity and ease of use outside the laboratory, with lab level analytical performance and reliability. Each cartridge includes all necessary reagents, after loading the blood sample, both reagents and sample remain safely sealed within the cartridge. The test procedure is fully automatic, requiring no maintenance or calibration.


The HemoScreen employs a breakthrough technology called viscoelastic focusing to significantly reduce the complexity of presenting the blood cells for counting. This cutting edge approach to Microfluidics is combined with Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence to provide accurate and reliable results.

Cells are flow focused into a single layer plane within a microfluidic chamber which facilitates their optical analysis. Thousands of images of the flowing cells are analysed in real time by cutting edge AI algorithms providing unparalleled differentiation and clarity.

AI & Machine Vision Analysis

Imaging-based analysis replaces the traditional laser scattering and electric impedance methods, offering a new way to inspect cells. Cutting-edge machine-vision algorithms classify cells on-the-fly, based on their morphology and staining properties, providing higher resolution and clarity of different pathologies.

Measured Parameters

The HemoScreen provides 20 parameters: RBC, WBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, RDW, MPV and percentage and absolute counts of NEUT, LYMP, MONO, EOS, BASO.

The HemoScreen flags for the presence of abnormal cells including IG, nRBC and Blasts as well as PLT aggregates.

Performance Specification

The HemoScreen performance has been validated in numerous clinical studies in Australia, the US and EU, and in different settings such as Oncology, ICU, Primary Care and the Emergency Department.

Technical Specifications

Techonolgy Microfluidics, machine vision, artificial intelligence
Sample Size 2 × 20 µL
Test Time ~6 minutes
Operating Temperature 17 °C – 27 °C
Operating Voltage 12 V DC, 5A
Power Supply 100 – 240 V AC, 4 – 2 A, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption ~60 W
Dimensions 26 cm × 17.5 cm × 30 cm (l×w×h)
Weight ~5.5 kg
Peripherals Optional printer and barcode reader (USB)


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