Albio™ Meter

  • $523.30

Albio is a blood alcohol test and gives an accurate value of blood-ethanol levels in 25 seconds. While it is intended for field use, it is just as effective in an ED or similar setting.

Patients who are unconscious or have severe trauma are not able to take a breath test. If suspicion is raised that they have consumed alcohol, it can have an effect on medication, for example. Before correct action can be taken, the patient’s blood must be tested in a clinical laboratory. This can take several hours to start the correct treatment.

The accuracy of Albio is 97.5 %, which is better than most blowing tests. Because Albio is blood sample based testing system, it has no similar disturbances as breath analysing has.

  • Fast blood alcohol measuring device
  • Accurate reading up to 500mg/dl
  • Cost effective
  • Portable, light, fast and reliable
  • Easy calibration (no need for costly service or maintenance)
  • Easy to use
  • Saves money, time and lives

  - Albio™ blood alcohol Meter
  - Safe user guide
  - User manual
  - Carrying bag
  - 3V lithium button battery (CR2032)


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